Job Updates

Since 2011, 516 men and 5 women have completed the CARITAS Works program.

We are pleased to announce our graduates that have recently obtained employment! We are very proud of them. (Class 50 seen here)

Below are the latest job announcements from our Works graduates:



*Jack F. (Class 49) – AmeriCorps, Driver
*Alan C. (Class 49) – RVA Gateway, Construction Helper
James S. (Class 44) – AmeriCorps, Warehouse Worker
*Nicholas B. (Class 50) – THP, Peer Mentor
*David C. (Class 50) – THP, Peer Mentor
*James D. (Class 50) – THP, Peer Mentor
Jason Rummel (Class 44) – AmeriCorps, Works Student Coordinator
*Scott P. (Class 49) – THP, Peer Mentor
*Andre P. (Class 49) – THP, Peer Mentor
*Dallas D. (Class 49) – THP, Peer Mentor
*Thomas B. (Class 49) – THP, Peer Mentor Supervisor Kitchen
*Kody K. (Class 49) – Gold’s Gym, Personal Trainer
Alvin L. (Class 34) – Huguenot High School, Janitorial
Dexter J. (Class 42) – Huguenot High School, Janitorial
Jordan T. (Class 44) – Stellini Foods, Driver
*Will G. (Class 49) – McDonald’s, Kitchen Supervisor
*Paul H. (Class 49) – 18th Street Management, Leasing Consultant
*Sean C. (Class 49) – Simon Green, Tree Climber
*Jacob S. (Class 47) – Teleperformance, Client Consultant
*Theodore M. (Class 48) – Cut of Excellence, Landscaper
*Donald C. (Class 48) – U-Quality, Order Puller
*Ben H. (Class 48) – The Putnam Group, Salesman
Jason C. (Class 40) – Artistic Stone, Granite Fabricator
*Robert R. (Class 48) – The Hilton, Maintenance
*Letitia F. (Class 46) – CARITAS FB, Administrative
Jacob B. (Class 42) – Capital Caulking, Caulker
*Jeremiah V. (Class 48) – THP, Peer Mentor
*Joel M. (Class 48) – THP, Peer Mentor
Jonathan S. (Class 25) – Henrico Arms, Maintenance & Groundkeeper
*Michael C. (Class 47) – Keany, Order Puller
*Steve B. (Class 46) – Keany, Forklift Operator
*Samuel S. (Class 47) – The Towers, Housekeeping Porter
*Paul R. (Class 47) – Cougats Chimney, Helper
*Dwight H. (Class 45) – Dominion VA Power, Line Worker
*Avante J. (Class 47) – OK Foundry, Mold Maker
Sanjay H. (Class 25) – Katherine & Southall, Laborer
*Richard R. (Class 46) – Michael Maddix Construction, Contractor
*Joey R. (Class 47) – Slocum Contracting, Contractor
Dell J. (Class 34) – Advanced Plumbing, Plumber
*Brian H. (Class 47) – Outdoor Dreams, Installer
*Aaron B. (Class 47) – Peer Mentor, THP
*James B (Class 47) – M&W Contractors, Contractor
*Steven L. (Class 45) – The Towers, Maintenance
*Choice E. (Class 46) – AmeriCorps, Warehouse Driver
*William S. (Class 46) – Keany Produce, Forklift Operator
*Shawn B. (Class 42) – Symbol Mattress, Warehouse
*Shawn G. (Class 42) – U-Quality, Shipping and Receiving
*Jesse G. (Class 41) – CTI Consultants, Senior Inspector
*Danny M. (Class 43) – Solid Works, LLC, Masonry
*Sam S. (Class 43) – Chili’s, Supervisor
*Timothy F. (Class 43) – Complete Underground, Supervisor
*William E. (Class 43) – The Healing Place, Peer Mentor
*Dave M. (Class 43) – Complete Underground, Office Work
*Allen H. (Class 43) – Complete Underground, Driver
Darrick J. (Class 34) – AmeriCorps, CARITAS Furniture Bank
Jesse H. (Class 37) – Aerotek, Philip Morris, Maintenance
*Jared E. (Class 44) – OK Foundry, Bobcat Driver
*Darrell N. (Class 43) – AmeriCorps, Enterprise Specialist
Michael S. (Class 39) – THP, Peer Mentor
*Kyle M. (Class 44) – THP, Peer Mentor
*George H. (Class 44) – THP, Peer Mentor
*Jason S. (Class 39) – THP, Peer Mentor
*Jonas L. (Class 45) – More Than Moving, Mover
*Ronald C. (Class 45) – AmeriCorps, Warehouse
*James S. (Class 45) – Evergreen Enterprises, Forklift Operator
*Donald L. (Class 45) – Chesapeake Bay Cabinet Co., Cabinet Installer
Roth S. (Class 41) – Doubletree Hotel by Hilton, Houseman
*Sean F. (Class 46) – The Healing Place, Peer Mentor
*Sean B. (Class 46) – The Healing Place, Peer Mentor
*Kenneth M. (Class 46) – The Healing Place, Peer Mentor
*Seren H. (Class 46) – The Healing Place, Peer Mentor
*Chevonya Y. (Class 46) – Kroger, Customer Service
CJ Johnson (Class 41) – A Appliance Repair, Delivery Driver
*Willie B. – Laborer, OK Foundry
*Jacob B. – Landscaper, By the Yard
DaQuan J. – Promotion, Surface Miner, Luck Stone
Lee J. – Construction, Rayford  Smith
Jala’l M. – General Cleaner, GCA Dupont
*Chris B. – Bobcat Driver, OK Foundry
*CJ J. – AmeriCorps Driver, CARITAS FB
Rondell J. – Forklift Operator, Hurricane Fence
*Zayd M. – Peer Mentor, THP
*Roth S. – Peer Mentor, THP
*Calvin H. – Warehouse Worker, Symbol Mattress
*Gary A. – CDL Driver, Wilbros T & D
Jason T. – Warehouse Worker, Dominion Packing
*Eric R. – The Doorways/MCV Hospitality House
*Saiyd S. – Customer Service, Allianz
Donald W. – Dietary Porter, The Towers
Ethan V. – Chef, The  Betty on Davis
Lonnie B. – Pallet Repair, Chep Recycling
Mike H. – Order Picker, Keany Produce
Joshua M. – Driver, Napoleon Taxi Service
Glen T. – Moulder/Operator, Welborne & Wright
*Chris C. – Housekeeping, VCU Medical Center
*Kiko F. – Short Order Puller, Keany Produce
*Frank R. – Residential Counselor, Franklin Grove
*Joshua H. – Peer Mentor, THP
David P. – Chef, Homemades by Suzanne
*Jamar C. – Stocking & Cashier, Dollar Tree
*Francisco C. – Order Fetcher, Keany Produce
Omar W. – Packaging, Cadmus Printing
William F. – Maintenance, Holiday Inn
Anthony S. – Promotion to Project Manager, New Leaf Landscapes
Theodore D. – Promoted to full time, salaried with benefits at Cadmus Printing
Shane C. – Cutter & Filler, Thompson Construction, Inc. at Philip Morris
Jesse H. – Production, Adams and Garth (Lineage)
Chris G. – Electrician, RK Newman Electric Services, Inc.
Matthew N. – Dietary Porter, The Towers
Mike N. – Technician, Pine Environmental
Ernest W. – Laborer, Biase Corporation
Tyree C. – Retail, Ellwood Thompson
Jeffrey B. – Peer Mentor, The Healing Place
Robert H. – Peer Mentor, The Healing Place
Brian C. – Project Manager, Binswanger Glass
Darrick J. – Warehouse, Emerald Isle Foods
James N. – Personal Trainer Assistant, Gold’s Gym
Johnnie R. – Warehouse Associate, Keany Produce
Joshua P. – The Towers

*Denotes first job following CARITAS Works Program